Relationship to District:

  • Attend District Meeting.
  • The PI chair is “responsible for creating greater understanding of/and preventing misunderstandings of, the AA program through the public media, electronic media, PI meetings, and speaking to community groups”.
  • The District PI Committee Chair shall be responsible for compiling lists of those willing to speak to community groups.
  • The list from the district shall be provided to the District Chair who shall forward the list to the area PI / CPC chair which will be used to contact AA members.
  • The PI / CPC committee as a whole shall be that AA members will be asked to do speaking commitments in communities other than the one in which they reside, recognizing the importance of our spiritual foundation of anonymity.

Service Requirements:

  • One year or more of continuous sobriety
  • Have a Service Sponsor


  • 2 Years, expires on Dec. 31 of each odd year